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10 Best Trivia Games on iPhone & Android

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With the 2022 holiday season in full swing, smartphone owners will be increasing the number of games while traveling, spending time at home, and chatting with friends and family. Whether you are an Android or IOS user, trivia games are likely to enjoy a huge uptick this holiday season, as they offer a fun and perfect place for family competitions like Charades, Pictionary, etc.

From the same big brands Trouble! a Millionaire Trivia to brain teasers unknown, the best trivia games for Android and iOS offer something for everyone.


Brain damage

Android, IOS: free

The Brian Test app is available on Google Play

Ranked #1 in Trivia in the App Store, Brain damage It’s a fun game designed to boost the user’s IQ by presenting brain-teasing puzzles that use picture cards that represent a challenge that needs to be solved correctly. Challenging visual puzzles are a great way to fire up neurons and get users into the right problem-solving mindset.

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Whether playing alone or with friends, Brain damage encourages users to think outside the box and the mobile app is a creative brain activity for the whole family to enjoy. For those who like jigsaw puzzles, Sudoku, word searches, or familiar trivia games, Brain damage it’s fun and rewarding at the same time.

Have got Brain damage on the App Store or Google Play.

Trivia fun fun

Android, IOS: free

A Fun Frenzy Trivia question appears

Boasting a Family feud style and UI, Trivia fun fun A free game app (with in-app purchases) that grows more difficult the more one plays and earns points, guaranteeing an increase in challenges and experience in which time each player becomes smarter.

With 15 categories, 1000s of levels, 10,000 answers, and 500 Bonus Coins up for grabs, players are presented with multiple questions whose correct answers are weighted based on previous survey responses, e.g. like Family feud. A great way for the whole family to get together and have fun, Fun Frenzy trivia is available online and offline, making it perfect for players at home or on the go.

Have got Trivia fun fun on the App Store or Google Play.


Android, IOS: free

A Problem!  the call prompt is displayed

The ultimate guide to trivia games, Trouble! It’s a great way to recreate the content made famous by the long-running TV cartoon show while offering new gameplay options. For example, instead of answering in the form of a question as usual, players are given multiple choice options to answer correctly, to get points that go up and give opportunities Long answers for difficult questions online.

With 26,000 different types of topics, both basic and difficult trivia puzzles will keep you busy without confusing questions or getting bored in the process. With a World Tour feature, players can play different modes where they can travel long distances. Trouble! The host, Alex Trebek, will provide a nostalgic feeling that will delight the fans of the show.

Have got Trouble! on the App Store or Google Play.


Android, IOS: free

A Batman quiz was asked on PopcornTrivia

In the category of the most interesting cartoon shooting games, PopcornTrivia hard to beat. Horror movie fans, music fans, western fans, or gangster movie fans, PopcornTrivia test the most knowledgeable cinephiles on a wide range of film genres, time periods, and countries with challenging movie trivia questions throughout.

With each correct answer, players will earn popcorn points that can be used to build their avatar, providing a fun way to engage with the game while boosting their cinematics. acumen. For more serious challenges, players can purchase premium quiz packs for popular TV shows as well. With single and multiplayer modes, a leaderboard stat tracker, and movie fans will find it hard to put the game down.

Have got PopcornTrivia on the App Store or Google Play.


Android, IOS: free

A zebra question was asked on the Pysch!  mobile gaming software

A party game and a challenging trivia challenge, Phish! takes inspiration from Balderdash and Cards Against Humanity to be an entertaining adventure game. Ellen DeGeneres fans will be delighted Psych!, while making players cheat and fool their friends by making phony answers but can answer other trivia questions.

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When players secretly submit their hilarious answers, they will appear on the participants’ phone display. If the player chooses a phony answer, a point is awarded to the person who made it. With trivia games like “Word Up” and “Movie Bluff” as well, Phish! more fun than anything else while still increasing intelligence quotients.

Have got Psycho! on the App Store or Google Play.

SongPop 3

Android, IOS: free

A music quiz was asked on the SongPop app

The most addictive music trivia game ever, MelePop3 hard to avoid. The third installment of the popular music app is a global trivia competition that challenges players from around the world to identify the artists after the songs are played. snippets of hit and obscure songs. Even more difficult, players must register the title first to earn valuable XP that can be used to unlock additional benefits.

The fun That Tune-style trivia game offers more than 100,000 songs to discover, allowing users to build their music library, customize their avatars with photos, stickers, and vinyl, and challenge their deep musical acumen with friends and family. members or single player.

Artistically accomplished and intellectually stimulating, available SongPop 3 on the App Store or Google Play.

Trivia Crack 2

Android, IOS: free

Einstein appears in a Trivia Crack 2 quiz

Trivia Crack 2 It is one of the most popular mobile games on the market. With hundreds of thousands of questions in countless categories, Trivia Crack 2 participate in the familiar game of Trivia section with added game modes such as Tower Dual and Survival, it can be played in groups and single players online or in offline mode.

Trivia Crack 2 offers real-time trivia quizzes across a wide range of genres, including pop-culture quizzes like movies, TV shows, music, and more. The game also offers art, geography, history, science, sports, and other interesting topics that will keep players of all types entertained for hours.

Have got Trivia Crack 2 on the App Store or Google Play.

Trivia 360

Android, IOS: free

The Trivia 360 app asks international questions

Another addition to the mobile gaming realm on Android and iPhone learned from other people’s UI errors and game glitches, Trivia 360 Another great trivia game to play alone or with friends. With game ads that are less invasive than others, Trivia 360 offers the most detailed questions with detailed information for hardcore trivia puzzles to solve.

What makes Trivia 360 so versatile is the variety of True/False, Multiple Choice, Flag questions, Landing Riddles, etc., that make the competition feel fast and competitive. world With 12 languages, Google and Facebook compatibility, a user-friendly interface, and a large collection of features, Trivia 360 addictive all around.

Have got Trivia 360 on the App Store or Google Play.

Star Trivia

Android, IOS: free

A rap quiz was asked on the Trivia Star app

In terms of the best mobile trivia game (besides Trouble!), look no further Star Trivia. Ranked #3 in Trivia in the app store, Star Trivia reward players for answering questions quickly. The faster the correct answer, the higher the total score.

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With 60 categories on food, celebrities, brands, general knowledge, school subjects, and more, 1,000 levels of difficulty increase as you progress. toys, and 10,000 trivia questions to solve, Star Trivia It’s a great way to have fun learning about the human brain by thinking fast and reacting to a challenge in an exciting scenario.

Have got Star Trivia on the App Store or Google Play.

Millionaire Trivia

Android, IOS: free

Shakespeare is featured in the Millionaire Trivia app

The licensed spinoff, Millionaire Trivia brings mobile gamers the riveting experience made famous by the hit TV show, Who wants to be a millionaire?. Viewers of the show will have endless fun on their brains over a series of trivia questions with the interactive touchscreen technology popularized on the show, along with live game lines like 50:50, Ask to an expert, Ask the listeners, etc.

Although the in-game ads can grow a little, like most free mobile games, Millionaire Trivia not only to test the interesting trivia information, but also to allow the players to see the nature of the trivia show in the process.

Have got Millionaire Trivia on the App Store or Google Play.

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